Who is JewelNet and Our Brands

Nice to meet you. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

JewelNet was founded in 1994 by Neil Koppel with the goal of creating fabulous affordable jewelry that is made in a socially responsible manner.


Charles & Colvard Moissanite

Charles & Colvard Moissanite 

K&G Creations, World's Largest Manufacturer of Moissanite Jewelry 
Back in 1993 we became the first wholesale customer of Charles & Colvard. They were the creators of a new jewel named Moissanite. K&G Creations was formed to sell a beautiful jewel that in some ways was superior to a diamond. K&G designed jewelry and sold them worldwide.

We sold to TV shopping networks like Shop NBC, HSN, 
and Shop at Home. Neil spent 7 years promoting Moissanite on TV and added to help consumer awareness. Other customers included Finlay Corp with over 1,000 leased jewelry departments in stores like Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Lord & Taylor and Saks. A few years ago, JewelNet's sales through our brand K&G Creations surpassed $30 million dollars in sales worldwide.


Sarah Ferguson,

Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York & Neil Koppel

the Duchess of York

for K&G Creations

In a bold move, he signed a deal with Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York to create a line with the "New Crown Jewel" and placed the designs throughout Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Saks and others.

Lab Grown Diamonds & Cultured Diamond Rings

Renaissance Lab Grown Diamonds

An early innovator of a new category of diamonds

In 1990, a short time before Moissanite became available, JewelNet started on the path to creating man-made diamonds. Back then they were called cultured diamonds, lab grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds and even fake diamonds. After years of research, millions of dollars in development, Renaissance Diamonds was formed to exclusively grow and manufacture man-made diamonds. First with fancy yellow diamonds using the HTHP process and later growing pink diamonds with the CVD method.

Initially partnerships were formed with Gemesis Corp. 

who brought the first HTHP technology from Russia and later the CVD method with SCIO Diamonds in Greenville, SC. Cutting facilities were built in Ramat Gan Israel and in Mauritius to take advantage of their specialized polishing and cutting techniques. For the last 30 years Renaissance has sold exclusively to wholesalers and retailers like Helzberg Diamonds, Zales, Berkshire Hathaway and 1000's of independent retailers. The goal from the very beginning was to make an affordable diamond without compromise. Today, Renaissance has clients in over 60 countries. 

Links Designs

Our Mission... Jewelry with a purpose, Employment, Sustainability and Contribution.

Three days after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Koppel, a pilot with an aircraft capable of bringing a dozen people and 100's of pounds of supplies, made his first humanitarian trip there.

Haiti Earthquake Destruction Trip 1

He collaborated with organizations like Partners in Health, Project MediShare, Shriners Hospital and the Clinton Foundation to rescue children and infants that without specialized care would not have survived.

Over the next 18 months he would make 58 flights bringing Doctors, nurses, relief workers and countless others to help in the crisis. He brought back 21 children that were critically ill and injured for urgent medical care.

Mother and Child en route to Shriners Hospital

In the following month as the situation in Haiti shifted from rescue and recovery to rebuilding, Koppel met Sean Penn. They befriended one another and shared ideas of how to get people out of the tent cities and create jobs. They worked together with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to find solutions to build homes.  

Sean Penn, Neil Koppel and Habitat for HumanityKoppel and Penn brainstormed how to best find ways to get people jobs that had limited skills and many not being able to read. What followed was a plan to build a factory in Florida and employ Haitians. The goal was to teach them the skill sets necessary to train future employees in a factory in Haiti.

Hand Making Links Bracelets

The housing situation in Haiti was dire and Koppel wanted to come up with a quick, simple solution. He designed and fabricated modular houses that could be easily built by a family in a few hours with no mechanical skills necessary. In May of 2010 he moved 125 people into 25 homes he helped provide and build together with the recipients. Six months later, to his and their joy, they were growing food, obtaining potable water and their children went to school for the first time ever.

Jacmel Village

As the pieces started to come together for a business that could directly support non-profits to Do Good, the concept of “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good! was created” and Links Jewelry was formed.

The Links line of jewelry is manufactured locally in Florida using American made materials and labor. It gives the customer an opportunity to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry, while at the same time feeling good that their purchase has directly made a difference in peoples lives. Link’s donates a percentage of its' sales to organizations like Sean Penn’s J/P HRO, Susan Komen Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

Links Jewelry is an evolution of the principle of doing good. Donations are given from sales to targeted non-profit organizations to support their causes.

InHarmony Designs

Blends age-old Celtic patterns with ancient Yin & Yang symbols

inharmony yin yang jewelry

During travels to mainland China in 2010-2014, Neil would come to discover the importance of Yin Yang in the Chinese culture and how it related to Feng Shui. It's all about energy and our endless desire to obtain balance.

In researching other cultures and their mystical symbols, The Ancient Celtic designs echoed what he had found in China and joined them together as one. The in.harmony collection reveals your, “Warrior Spirit”. True to yourself, balanced and seeking harmony.

The commitment was made to make the designs from recycled gold and silver and Lab grown diamonds. InHarmony reflects JewelNet's core values to make socially responsible jewelry.

Olde Havana Vintage

Jewelry fashioned from authentic cigar bands from the 1920'2 and 1930's

Cigar Band Jewelry

In 2005 a client from the Cayman Islands asked me if I would join him on a trip to Cuba. While driving the back roads, we came to a small dusty town called Santa Maria. While stopping for a drink, a young boy, about 12 years old, came up to me with a wagon full of what looked like old stamp collectors books. When I opened them, I was amazed to see these hand engraved works of art from Cuban cigar makers of the roaring 20's and 1930's.

It was like a time capsule of the finest cigars the world has known.

After some haggling, I bought the entire collect of about a dozen books. As I went through them, one was more beautiful and intricate than the next. 

Being a cigar lover, I  imagined how these bands would look like as a ring or even as a woman's pinky ring.</p><p>When I returned, I sat with my model maker and after trying many different ways to reproduce them, I discovered a french art called<span> the Basse Taille Method. This translated from French means, </span><em>;" low="" cut=""> . It is an ancient technique in which the pattern is created in the metal backing before the enameling is applied.

These reproduced vintage designs from cigar bands from the 1920's & 30's are pieces of art. Made in sterling silver with 14Kt gold plated finishes in white & yellow gold are a unique piece of history.



Socially Responsible Jewelry

For 25+ years we have been dedicated to making quality jewelry that's beautiful, comfortable to wear and is socially responsible to the environment and the people who hand produce each piece. These virtues are crafted into each design you purchase from JewelNet. Guaranteed, or your money back.

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